Spring term of 2017

Homework for week 17, Friday 28 April:

PREPARE YOURSELF for the national tests in English!

On Wednesday 3rd of May:  Reading och Listening – receptive skills

On Friday 5th of May: Writing



/Miss Anna


Let’s save this for later…;) Sorry about the inconvenience.


Words in Quizlet! 😀 Watch the film at least twice.

Study the Goal 7, words that I’ve linked in Classroom.  (Goal episode 7 by annhakk, 14 words)

Learn how to

  • say them
  • use the
  • spell them

Answer questions about the episode.

Take care and have a nice weekend 😊📚☀️🌱⚽️

/miss anna


For week 13: 


GOAL 5 Watch episode 5 twice. Use English subtitles.

Learn words. Quizlet or Glosor.eu.

Be prepared to talk and write about the program.

Choose two things to talk about. A person or something someone said or did.


MAX’s MOVIE https://urskola.se/Produkter/181172-Max-s-movie-Against-the-wall

Watch episode 3 twice. Use English subtitles.

Learn words. Quizlet or Glosor.eu.

Be prepared to talk and write about the program.

Choose two things to talk about. A person or something someone said or did.


Good luck! /miss a


For week 12:

Hi everyone!

We’ve taken a break with our TV-series Goal. Instead we’ve been focusing on grammar studies for a while.

Next week we’re going to work with a text called How embarrassing  or Pushy mum.

Homework for Friday 24th of March:

Link for How embarrassing   JOBBA HÄR!     Link for Pushy mum    JOBBA HÄR!


  1. Listen to the text at least two times.
  2. Learn 15 words, both pronunciation and spelling
  3. Do the exercises in the link: words, grammar and answer questions.

Homework check up will be: to answer question and to retell the story!

Läxförhöret kommer vara att svara på frågor och att återberätta texten skriftligen eller muntligen.

Take good care out there!

Best wishes!

/ Miss anna



Week 6

Homework for Friday 10 February:

Study the words for Goal, episode 3 at Glosor. EU. Learn how to spell and say (pronunciate) them.


We’re working with the series Goal, a BBC production. We’ll watch the program om Fridays and work with words, grammar and all the things that happen on Mondays – talking and writing about it.

Homework for Friday 3 February

1. Learn the words, as many as you can. (Lär dig så många ord som möjligt, minimum 15 st) Learn how to spell 10-15 of them.  Lär dig att stava 10-15 av dem.  GLOSOR.EU Goal, episode 2

2. Watch the program episode 2 to understand better.

Watch bere:  GOAL 2 ⚽️


Take good care out there! 👍🏼

Best regards and have a nice weekend!😊

/ miss Anna


Homework for Friday 27th oh January:

Useful verbs (irregular) to learn      TAP HERE to study!   Verb i dåtid jan 17

  1. Ring – spend: Learn the verbs by heart (utantill)
  2. Write 10 developed (utvecklade) sentences. Put in to Classroom.

Our lessons: We’ve started to work with the  BBC series Goal, a program about a young footballer who is about to start his career in a (fictional) British football club called London Rangers.

Many excting things will happen to him. We will follow him and work with

  • new vocabulary
  • grammar
  • write and talk about different aspects
  • act some parts. Take on different roles.

Have a really  nice weekend ⭐

Take good care 🌸

Best regards / miss Anna


Week 48:


Träna på att prata mycket – utveckla dina meningar och ge flera exempel. Visa vad du kan,  använd de ord du kan! Tyck till och ställ många följdfrågor.

Practice to speak here! Talk to a grown up/an adult!

Follow the structure of an old National Test here! http://nafs.gu.se/digitalAssets/1539/1539190_what_do_you_think.pdf

And here are som things / topics (ämnen) to talk about! Follow the instructions above


Gaaah! Har länkat hundra ggr – funkar inte! 🤔

Om du vill ÖVA PÅ ATT  STÄLLA FRÅGOR, skrolla lite länge ner, questions! 

Best of luck, dear students!  👏🏼 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧‍👦👩‍👧

/Miss Anna

Hi eveyone!

We’re talking a lot at the moment, practising some extra for the nationals test that are coming up in week 48.

For Friday 25th of November, please:

1)  Play games and learn as many words as possible at the website/ the app Glosor.eu. You log in with  annrin  and  usefulwords16. Focus on the exercises:

my house, relatives, what do you think.  If you have time enough it’s good for you to practice – useful mixed basic words and adjectives as well. 

This is for your vocabulary – which makes it easier to speak well 👍🏼🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇺

2) Practice to speak at home!

Talk to an adult. Choose two things from Tell me and two things from Ask  me to talk about in school in pairs.

img_3073             img_3072

Best of luck! Have a great weekend 👌🏼😊

Best, miss Anna

Hello everyone! Hej alla!

This is our platform in English! Welcome!

For the moment we’re focusing on how to express ourselves in past tense. By using different verbs (regular and irregular) and by varying our time expressions we improve our ways of talking and writing in past tense.  We read texts, listen to stories and watch programmes where we can comment on things or retell things in past tense!

Soon everone will have the chanse to work on a project where you take responsibility for the whole work process.

Everybody will choose a famous person, dead or alive..,  and write a text about him or her and give a speech on this person.

Detta är vår plattform i engelska! Välkomna!

Just nu jobbar vi särskilt med och koncentrerar oss på dåtid. Genom att träna verb i dåtid (regelbundna och oregelbundna) och variera våra tidsuttryck och sambands ord blir vi säkrare att prata eller skriva i förfluten tid. Vi läser texter, lyssnar på berättelser och ser filmer där vi kan kommentera saker eller återberätta delar eller det hela i dåtid.

Alla kommer snart få börja jobba med ett eget projekt där man får ta eget ansvar för hela arbetsprocessen.  Alla kommer få välja en varsin känd person för att samla fakta, skriva en text om och hålla en redovisning om denna person.

Arbetsplan kommer.

HOMEWORK for week 41:

Words för Friday  (jag delar upp!)

Text and retell facts about Elvis for Tuesday week 42


Have a really nice weekend!

/Miss Anna